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New Zealand Society of Gunsmiths Inc.
Promoting Excellence in Gunsmithing
PO Box 52, Kaitaia, 0441, New Zealand. Tel/Fax + 64 9 409 3835
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The name of the Society shall be:- NEW ZEALAND SOCIETY OF GUNSMITHS INCORPORATED, hereafter referred to as the Society.

The Society shall at all times have a registered office, and notice of the situation thereof and any change of the situation thereof shall be given by the Secretary to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies Wellington.

The aims and objectives of the Society shall be:

To establish, maintain and advance the profession of gunsmithing and to promote in any manner which the society thinks fit the interests of gunsmithing in New Zealand.

To provide a common ground for members to interchange their knowledge and means for them to contribute to the future advancement of Technology in Gunsmithing.

To provide forums for the presentation and discussion of Gunsmithing papers, promote continuing education programmes, and the development and maintenance of Gunsmithing standards, recommended practices and information reports, provide or arrange appropriate advice and produce publications resulting from this work.

To grant grades of membership to members of the Society in recognition of their proficiency in Gunsmithing, other related activities, or in any matters relating to the duties of a Gunsmith.

To grant prizes for excellence and promote scholarships in relation to any subjects of study relating to Gunsmithing or to the duties of a Gunsmith.

Promote health, safety & responsibility in the care, handling & use of firearms & related equipment.

To associate with or co-operate with or become a member of any other organisation for the pursuit of any common interest.

To do all such other things as may be necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the society aims and objectives.

The society shall consist of FELLOW, MEMBER, ASSOCIATE, being graded members, STUDENT and AFFILIATE being non graded members, including Technologists, Technicians and craft/ tradespersons, health, safety, sales and purchasing staff, teachers, students, cadets and apprentices. Industrial and Government bodies provide support to the aims of the society by becoming affiliates.

FELLOW "FSG" - Fellows shall comprise persons who:-

have had at least seven years experience in a position of major responsibility in charge of Nationally important Gunsmithing or other associated activities, or

Have been in charge of the design and development of a gunsmithing produce of Nationally recognised importance, Have high education qualifications in Gunsmithing and have made a noteworthy contribution to the science of Gunsmithing in New Zealand, or

Have contributed to gunsmithing, or other associated activities in New Zealand to an exceptional degree as a result of an extensive career in positions of responsibility and,

Have otherwise satisfied the Council of their worthiness for election to this grade.

MEMBER "MSG" - members shall comprise persons who:-
Hold an Engineering or Science degree, diploma or equivalent qualification accepted by the Council for this purpose, or

Are in the opinion of the Council otherwise appropriately trained and skilled for, and have had not less than five years experience in Gunsmithing or other associated technical activities and are qualified for responsible activity in design, research, development, manufacture, commissioning, application, operation, repair, maintenance, restoration, sales, purchasing, health, safety or technical/education/instruction/teaching as they relate to Gunsmithing. Ammunition, Reloading or,

Are in the opinion of the Council engaged in prominent responsible commercial or administrative activities in which they co-operate with Gunsmiths in furthering the objects of the society, and

Have otherwise satisfied the Council of their worthiness for election to this grade.

ASSOCIATE "ASG" - Associates shall comprise persons who:-
Hold as a minimum a Gunsmithing or appropriate Engineering or Science NZQA LEVEL 4 National Certificate or equivalent qualification accepted by the Council for this purpose, or

Are in the opinion of the Council otherwise appropriately trained and skilled for, and have had not less than three years experience in Gunsmithing or other associated technical activities and are self directed, have full responsibility for their own individual quality standards, and are qualified for responsible activity in, design, research, development, manufacture, commissioning, application, operation, repair, maintenance, restoration, health, safety, sales, purchasing, or technical/education/ instruction/teaching, as they relate to gunsmithing ammunition, reloading and,

Have otherwise satisfied the Council of their worthiness for election to this grade.

STUDENT - Students shall comprise persons who:-
Are not over twenty five years of age who are engaged in full time courses of education or training, including cadetships and apprenticeships which in the opinion of the Council may qualify them for membership of the society in the grades of Associate or member, and

Have otherwise satisfied the Council of their worthiness for election to this grade.

Affiliates shall comprise persons not qualifying for graded membership or civilian, industrial and government bodies who wish to be associated with the Society and provide support to the aims of the Society.

Every Fellow, Member or Associate of the Society ordinarily resident in New Zealand having occasion to designate him/herself as such, may so long as she/he continues as a member and complies with all the provisions of these rules and bylaws, as prescribed by Council from time to time, may state the grade to which she/he belongs to the Society according to the following abbreviated forms, namely FSG, or MSG, or ASG, as the case may be. Those members ordinarily resident beyond New Zealand should use the following abbreviated forms namely FSG(NZ), MSG(NZ), or ASG(NZ) as the case may be.

The Society may elect one or more patrons.

Every application shall be in writing addressed to the secretary.

Applicants should be nominated and seconded by two graded members of the Society, but those unable to obtain proposers may nominate three referees in lieu. Referees will usually be requested to complete a confidential report on the applicant’s qualifications for membership.

All admissions and elections of members shall be by the Council and every applicant for admission or election to any grade of membership shall satisfy the Council of his/her having fulfilled the conditions specified in the Society’s rules.

All members shall pay to the Society an entry fee and annual fees.

The amount of the entry fee and annual fees shall be fixed annually by the A.G.M. and shall be due for payment on the first day of May each year. entry fee and annual fees shall be fixed annually by the A.G.M. and shall be due for payment on the first day of May each year.

Any member whose fees remain unpaid on the 30th day following due date shall automatically cease to be a member of the Society and will be removed from the register of members.

A levy may be imposed by resolution at a general meeting, such levy shall not exceed two times the annual membership fee for that year and shall be payable by the date fixed by the resolution.

Any member may resign from membership by giving notice in writing to the secretary. such notice shall, unless otherwise expressed, take effect as from the end of the financial year then current. No such resignation shall relieve or discharge the member from any fees or other debts due and payable by the member to the Society.

Any member of the Society including any officer of the Society who willfully infringes the rules, or bylaws of the Society or the rules of any organisation with which the Society at the time is affiliated or who’s conduct is in the opinion of the Society Council derogatory or unbecoming of a member of the Society or affiliated organisation, shall be liable to suspension or expulsion from Society membership by resolution of the Council.

The financial year of the Society shall end on the 30th day of April in each year.

The Society shall hold it’s A.G.M. of members within three months of the end of the financial year. The date and venue shall be fixed by the Society Council and at least 21 days notice shall be given to all members by the secretary.

The business of the A.G.M. shall be the presentation of the Presidents Report, the Financial Report, fixing of entry and annual fees, and or levies, and as necessary the election of Council. Other business may be dealt with as deemed appropriate by the Council.

A meeting of Council shall be held as the affairs of the Society dictates. The dates and venues thereof being at the discretion of the Council.

At an A.G.M. a quorum shall consist of 10 percent of members entitled to vote.

At a meeting of the Council a quorum shall consist of not less than 30 percent of the Council.

At an A.G.M. or other General meeting the only members entitled to vote shall be Fellow, Member, and Associate members who shall have one vote each.

At a meeting of the Council each officer shall have one vote.

At all meetings the presiding chairperson shall in addition have a casting vote.

Members may vote at general meetings of the Society either personally or by proxy.

All instruments appointing proxies shall be in writing under the hand of the appointer, whose signature shall be attested by a witness.

No person shall be appointed a proxy who is not a graded member of the Society.

a proxy may be appointed only for a specified meeting and any adjournments thereof.

The instrument appointing a proxy shall be deposited at the registered office of the Society not less than 48 hours before the time fixed for holding the meeting at which the person named in the instrument proposes to vote.

Only Fellow, Member and Associate members shall be eligible for election to COUNCIL.

The COUNCIL shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to ten more COUNCIL members and these shall comprise the officers of the Society.

The COUNCIL shall be elected at an A.G.M. and shall hold office for three consecutive years, and shall be eligible for re-election upon expiry of a term of office.

The COUNCIL shall have the power to fill by appointment from Fellow, Member or Associate membership any vacancy occurring as a result of any councilor who for any reason fails to complete a term of office. Such appointment shall be made at the Council’s discretion and shall be for the duration of the unexpired term.

The auditor who shall not be a member of the Council, but may be a member of the Society shall audit all accounts and statements prepared by the Treasurer.

The Secretary shall keep a register of the names, addresses, date of birth, occupations, and grades of Society membership of all members, shall attend the meetings of the Council and shall keep minutes of all meetings and the records of the Society.

The Secretary shall have custody of the Seal, title deeds and other documents belonging to the Society.

The Secretary shall conduct Society correspondence relating to the maintenance and promotion of its aims and objects, and make notices of meetings.

The Society shall have a common seal, kept in the custody of the Secretary.

Whenever the Common Seal is required to be used the Seal shall be affixed pursuant to a resolution of the Council by the Secretary.

All monies due to the Society shall be paid to the Treasurer who shall keep correct books of accounts and shall pay into such bank or banks as the Council shall direct to the credit of the Society all monies received on its behalf.

The Treasurer shall also submit a financial statement to the Society A.G.M. such statement having previously been examined and certified by the Auditor.

All payments out of the funds of the Society shall be made by order of the Council. Cheques drawn in the name of the Society shall be signed by not less than two of the Council members.

The Council members empowered to sign cheques on behalf of the Society shall be fixed annually at the A.G.M.

No member of the Society shall derive pecuniary gain from the property or operations of the Society. Pecuniary gain does not include the winning of trophies or prizes.

The Council is empowered to:-

Subject to the provisions of the rules of the Society, the Council shall have the sole and entire management and superintendence of the affairs of the Society, and of the income and property thereof, and may prescribe bylaws of the Society.

Subject to the rules of the Society the Council from time to time may establish committees to assist in the performance of its functions & duties, and delegate to such committees any powers of the Council.

The Secretary or President may ex-officio be a member of any Society committee, membership of which shall otherwise by comprised of graded members eligible to hold such office.

To acquire and hold any freehold or leasehold land reasonably required for offices or chambers for the use of the society in any place or places in New Zealand.

To sell, lease, exchange or mortgage any real or personal property vested in it.

To accept or reject any legacy or bequest or gift whether or not such legacy, bequest or gift is offered with or entails conditions.

Bring or defend any legal action.

Raise money in conformity with and for the purposes of these rules and in conformity with the New Zealand Statutes. Such money shall only be raised pursuant of a resolution of the Council or a General meeting of members.

No Rule shall be altered or repealed, nor shall a new rule be added except by a two-thirds majority vote of those present and eligible to vote at an A.G.M.

Any proposal for alteration, repeal or addition of or to the rules shall be submitted in writing to the Council which shall make a recommendation and report to the A.G.M. on the proposal.

A copy of the proposal and the Councils report and recommendation shall be supplied by the Secretary to each member at least 21 days prior to the date of the A.G.M.

Should any doubt arise concerning the interpretation of any rule or bylaw, for the time being in force the decision of the council by way of resolution recorded in the minutes, shall be conclusive and binding on all members of the Society.

The Council shall be indemnified by the Society against all losses and expenses incurred in or about the discharge of their duties, except such as happen by their own willful act, neglect or fault.

Every financial member of the Society shall undertaken to contribute to the assets of the Society, in the event of the Society being wound up during the period of such membership, for payment of debts and liabilities contracted before the time of which such membership ceased. In addition every financial member shall contribute such amount as may be required to meet the costs, charges and expenses of such winding up a sum not exceeding two times the annual fees per financial member.

The procedure leading up to a Voluntary winding up shall be in accordance with Section 24 of the Incorporated Societies Act, 1908. A special meeting of members shall be called for such purposes and members given 21 days notice thereof.

If upon winding up of the Society there remains any assets whatsoever, the same shall be given or transferred to some other bonafide organisation to be determined by the majority vote of members eligible to vote and present in person at the special meeting called to wind up the Society.

Members honour their responsibilities to the Society, their profession, employer, client, colleagues and themselves.

Members conduct themselves with integrity and honesty to enhance the reputations of all the objects in 1. above.

Members honour constraints set out in the "Fair Trading Act 1986".

Members take positive steps to continually upgrade their knowledge base, as a means of progressively increasing their standard of professional competence.

Members cooperate willingly and support their Society including development of sound working relationships and profile with other organisations at appropriate levels.



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