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New Zealand Society of Gunsmiths Inc.
Promoting Excellence in Gunsmithing
PO Box 52, Kaitaia, 0441, New Zealand. Tel/Fax + 64 9 409 3835
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The New Zealand Society of Gunsmiths Inc. "NZSG" founded in 1994, is a non profit organization, relying by and large on the contributions of its members and friends to establish, maintain and advance the profession of Gunsmithing and related activities, to promote excellence and "Best Practice" in gunsmithing and related activities, To grant grades of membership to members of the Society in recognition of their proficiency in Gunsmithing or related activities and to promote educational and training courses, whereby members may, upon suitable appraisal, assessment, examination or qualification, gain national qualifications and attain higher gradings within the Society. To register practicing gunsmiths in New Zealand and promote in any manner which the Society thinks fit the interests of Gunsmiths in New Zealand.

The purpose of this website is to provide a common ground and forum for members to communicate and interchange their knowledge and the means for them to contribute to the future advancement of Technology in Gunsmithing and related activities, and for the presentation and discussion of Gunsmithing papers and reports, to promote gunsmithing related education and training programmes and to promote, advise and solicit comment on the development, review and maintenance of National New Zealand Gunsmithing standards and qualifications, recommended Best Practices and information reports, to arrange appropriate advice and post publications resulting from this work, and all such other matters from time to time which the NZSG thinks fit and proper.


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